Brand new Mod-1 Head-1 headphones review. I got new Bluetooth headphones!

Launch Price: $99 available here

Last week I decided I wanted new headphones and I was surprised with the number of options available in stores. The only problem is that I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for one. It seems most headphones under $100 lack basic features such analog input, SD card or charge while listening.

My old headphones:

I had the following headphones (Sony MDR-ZX770DC) for about 2 years now which cost me $229 at Costco. The price dropped as low as $94 for a new pair on Ebay recently so I know I overpaid for them><;;

They worked great but I never got to use the Bluetooth or Noise cancelling much as I had a lot of connectivity issues, battery didn't last long and worst of all I could not charge while listening to music. The earpieces became really soft and now my ears hurt a little bit when I wear them. This was a complete deal breaker for me.


I decided to head back to Bestbuy and Costco to see what I could find. I didn’t see anything interesting in Bestbuy, a bunch of overprice headphones that I will not pay for. Then in Costco I saw a similar story. The following items raging from $150 to $219:

I was not impressed at all. I would not pay $150 for tiny ear headphones or $199 for the cheap looking ones again….

My new MOD-1 Headphones

Then I got an email about a pair of headphones with very good sound that I saw at Makerfair in NYC this summer. They notified me that they were in stock. They are called Mod-1 by Modular Headphones. They retail for $149 but they are currently on a launch special for $99. I really enjoyed the quality and price so I went ahead and bought them online. They arrived yesterday and there aren’t enough words to describe how happy I am with them.


Great sound with a very solid bass that is incredibly clean. I can turn them all the way to 100 and work too well for a $99 headphone. 
They look absolutely gorgeous,
The Bluetooth connection works perfectly, no issues so far
Good Range
Good battery life (They lasted me all night with a single charge)
Extremelly confortable
Replaceable ear pieces and they came with an extra pair! as a launch special. So next year I won’t buy a new pair of headphone but instead a new pair of ear pieces.

The Cons
The charging cable was a little too short for me but I had plenty of spare Micro USB cables to use them with.
I pressed the auto call feature once by accident but I was able to disable this option in my phone’s system settings.
My girlfriend liked them and she will probably steal them from me (I’ll probably buy her a pair for Chrismas :P)
I tested the Microphone and it was not very loud but I don’t care about it as I wont use it all.

Overall I’m really happy with the purchase. I decided to write a short review for it as I didn't see many reviews online as this is a brand new product. Check them out at Fitforlaunch :