Asking Good Questions

“Hello, World” Questions

More Complex Questions

How to Get Upvotes

Isolating the Issue

Linking to GitHub Projects

  • Delete any unrelated files from the repository. Your project should build but if there is just one screen you’d like people to look at, delete all the others. You still need to trim down the reproducing case even if you share it on GutHub.
  • Make sure all dependencies are specified in package.json. Imagine somebody wants to help you so much they clone your project, wait 15 minutes for npm install to finish, and then realize the project won’t start due to unspecified dependencies. To mitigate this, delete node_modules, run npm install yourself, and make sure the project starts swimmingly. If you forgot a dependency, add it to package.json and try again until it works.
  • Make sure npm start will start your project. You can control what npm start does using the scripts field in package.json. It could be something as simple as “start”: “gulp”. The important part is that the person answering the question shouldn’t have to guess your bundler or task manager. All such tools should be dependencies in package.json.
  • Don’t assume other people have Grunt/Gulp/Webpack/Browserify installed globally. You might have run npm install -g grunt at some point but many people don’t do this, or have different versions. Use npm scripts so that you don’t need to ask people to install and run global commands.
  • Provide clear instructions to reproduce the issue in README. This is crucial. There is nothing like cloning a project, installing it, running it, opening it in the browser, and then having no idea how to reproduce the issue, or what the expected behavior is. Instead, you want to specify the exact sequence of steps (e.g. “npm start, open browser at this address, click on this button, I expected X to happen but Y happened instead”).

Abstract Questions

Wrapping Up




Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

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Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov

Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

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