Everything Is Changing, And So Is Our Agency — Including Our Name.

PR is changing, and fast. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Paul Holmes was right when he said the rate of change in the industry has never been this fast before, and yet it may never be this slow again.

The changes are fundamental and the pace is driven by digital, but most PR agencies are still legacy businesses, structured around what’s now referred to as “traditional media.”

With opportunities to augment campaigns with direct communications on owned and paid channels, PR agencies must redefine themselves as marketing disciplines converge.

This requires a new approach that brings together data, earned media, paid media, and social media. This is the direction we are taking our agency. We’ve invested in growing our capabilities with experts, but because silos slow execution, increase costs, and reduce results, we’re challenging everyone in our agency to become “hybrids.” A hybrid is equally adept at social, paid, and earned media. They are just as comfortable breaking news as they are breaking down data.

We’re embracing data in a way typically eschewed by PR’s past. We’ve integrated big data into how we arrive at insights to help us better target our messages. And we’ve created an industry-leading plug-and-play live dashboard — X DASH — allowing our clients to track our earned, paid, and social media results in real-time.

A lot is changing, but we haven’t forgotten who brought us to the dance. Our clients can expect us to keep providing the quality of work they’ve come to rely on. And one thing we will never change is our values — ALL IN, ON IT, and FAIR PLAY — they are the guardrails that steer our business, and they are what has brought us this far. In fact, our values are so important to us, we’ve written a book about them.

As I write this, I’m sitting here in our new expanded offices in Washington, DC. And in June of 2017, we will open our new dramatically expanded office in New York City. In the months and years ahead, we expect that both of these new offices will become the home away from home to a number of new employees. In fact, so much around here is new that we feel like a new agency.

Which is why we have a new name. We are now MULTIPLY.