A few days ago after upgrading my gem file with dependabot — as we do most mornings — I started getting an odd warning whenever loading my app:

Unable to load the http/2 gem.

After some serious sniffing, I found that a change in the included aws-sdk-kinesis gem was to blame.

Feature — Update AsyncClient implementation. Note that the http-2 gem now must be included separately in your Gemfile or gemspec in order to use the asyncronous client.


# as gem is loading upif RUBY_VERSION >= '2.1'
require 'http/2'
rescue LoadError…

We are excited to announce that the Private Prep Dashboard now integrates with Google Calendar and iCal. When you schedule, reschedule or cancel a lesson inside the Dashboard, it now flows through to your calendar automatically. No need to duplicate efforts to stay in sync!

Watch lesson event appear in real time!

I’ve wanted this forever. How do I turn this on?

You don’t need to do anything! Just wait for an email

On the morning of November 5, 2018, we began rolling out the feature to all coaches. Expect an oddly titled email from our dashboard service account in the next few hours with a link to your calendar. …

Modern web apps are all about managing state. State boils down to data. Data comes from forms.

Pure react forms are great for simple submissions. By the time you get redux involved, though, your state has probably grown to several keys and discussions of normalization.

Handing validations — especially ones that run async on the server — and building slick user experiences like wizard forms on a component-to-component basis isn’t great.

I prefer using redux-form and establishing a go-to standard in my apps. …

University of Denver Denver Advantage™ plan


Skip the write up. It’ll save you a a few hundred words copy and pasted from the actual plan intermixed with my sarcasm about how the exorbitant amount of money that DU costs these days ($62,345 for 2016–17).

Look at the pictures. The plan looks seriously bad ass. I wish I had these buildings — especially the proposed science buildings south of Iliff.

Disclaimer: I heavily plagiarized copy from the plan they put out. I make no claim on any of its contents or the images I screenshot. I think what they are scheming is awesome and will be great.

TL;DR: The webpacker gem makes webpack easy to use in a Ruby on Rails app. It bundles up page specific javascript packets and runs them through babel. After a few quick rails/rake commands from the command line, you’re off to the races.


In the beginning, there was rails. At first you were skeptical of the convention over configuration or you were just getting going with the web app stuff… Either way, you got used to it. No more php include’s or making sure all the script and style tags were there in the head — or better yet, just before…

An overview

Web sites are largely static. Other than a contact form the user does little or no data input and simply consumes a brand and its content — presented in the best light possible.

Web applications, however, are built for interactive experiences. Emerging from the confluence of data-rich functionality and slick presentation, a good web app is more of a platform than a pamphlet.

The workout generator is built a top of Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a popular web framework embraced by companies like Basecamp, Square, and Airbnb. Its flexible MVC framework makes it a good starting point…


I work for PrivatePrep, a tutoring company, building and maintaining a Ruby on Rails app we call the Dashboard. Our application handles all internal logistics and makes use of the cancancan gem for handling in-app permissions.

Our project started with only 2 role types (:director and :coach). In this environment, it was fine to give :manage permissions to models. :manage by cancancan’s design allows a user to do anything to that model.

By in large, it was understood that a director could CRUD (create, read, update, and destroy) most every model class in almost every case--especially when there were only…

So you messed up. Heroku is mad at you and your build keeps failing. Moving (just a little too) quickly you jumped on the command line and hit `rails new` without specifying the database. Because you were just so excited, you got straight to work and generated a controller or two and probably started styling what will become your root_path. Maybe you plugged in a couple gems like bootstrap. Who knows? Bottom line, you were excited and running. Though it wouldn’t take all that long, you aren’t wanting to back track.

It’s okay. (Or at least it’s going to be…)

Fonts make a story and a site just that much better. I don’t have to tell you this. You already like fonts. You can spend spend days on TypeWolf or FontsInUse trying to pull in new inspiration or to get some feedback and see if your pairing is just right.

If you’re a designer/developer of some sorts you already know the HTML and CSS basics of picking fonts online. If not take a quick codecademy and come back after.

<h1 class="class" id="id">
Your words here.
.class, #id {
font-family: "your-prefered-font", comic sans;

I’m sure that you’ve been around…

Dan Powell

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