Welcome to the Dance

I tell my students that Christian theology is a journey for followers of Jesus into the life of the Triune God. Think with me again about the wonderful doctrine of the Trinity. Someone once wrote, “The doctrine of the Trinity is the glory of God summarized.

There is truly no greater or more gorgeous mystery in the universe.”

Early church leaders described the inner life of the eternal triune God as a communal celebratory dance. They conceived of the Triune God’s life as an eternal dance of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as these three shared mutual love, honor, happiness, joy and respect. It is a profound mystery because this is the inner life of the One God, not three gods.

What is amazing is that we have an invitation to the dance! God’s act of Creation meant that God was inviting us into the eternal dance of the Triune life. Sadly, the invitation was interrupted by the Fall. Sin means that people are stepping out of the dance, corrupting its beauty and rhythm, instead of moving with grace and reverence. Redemption is a renewal of the dance, as God in Jesus and then in the Spirit, enters Creation in a special way to restore the beauty of the dance.

In church history, the Trinity played a huge role. Unfortunately, for many Christians today, there is a lack of Trinitarian imagination. The profoundly Trinitarian intuition of Christian faith, so vibrant in the very early church, needs to be renewed. Let’s dig deep into God’s Word and learn more about our amazing God. And be sure to join God’s people this Sunday in the worship of the Triune God.