5 minutes into Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode on Sri Lanka, our star is sitting in one of Colombo’s many cafes, feigning interest in his counterpart’s conversation.

Something’s wrong. Usually enthusiastic and engaged, Bourdain’s uncharacteristically off. And he can’t shake it. Perhaps it’s the relentless heat and humidity, he ponders…

Darakeh, North Tehran. An afternoon in 2013 smoking gheyloon. Source: Author

I love Persian women, and God knows why but they seem to love me too. Here’s 6 things I’ve come to learn:

1. They’re caught between East and West

Persian women are progressive. Their long, black hair flows outside of their scarves in defiance of the regime, reminding the world of their liberal beliefs and values. …

The more I walk Sharjah’s old town the more it feels just a little bit like home. Traffic moves sensibly and is relatively sparse. Vehicles wait for you at pedestrian crossings. There are thoughtfully placed roundabouts and no potholes. Roads are well planned and maintained. …

Dan Clarkeson

Australian Philosophy grad working in Finance, writing about Travel & Lifestyle.

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