Sexism is Hard to Explain
Kel Campbell

Hi Kel. I get this completely. I see all the time the small examples of marginalisation you describe; women being overtalked in meetings; ideas they’ve expressed being recycled by a man who gets the credit; the different way they’re treated by car sales people (ours told me all about the car’s performance, then took my wife to see the hooks for shopping bags in the boot). As a white, middle aged male, my only experience of marginalisation was during my wife’s pregnancy, when I was largely ignored by health care professionals (in one case spoken about as though I wasn’t even there) and when shopping for a pram the shop assistant answered all my questions to my wife. Lucky for me it only lasted for nine months, but the experience made me think deeply about what it would be like to feel that way all of the time. Thanks for sharing.

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