31 Days of Daily Drawing and Publishing

#1 Got home late but couldn’t miss the first night of Inktober.

While I’ve always drawn every day, I noticed this summer that I was having a more difficult time finishing my own projects. Half completed long-form comics, drawings, and even single panel cartoons were piling up, and I could feel myself getting discouraged by my lack of follow-through. I heard about Inktober, a daily drawing challenge that encourages artists to think up, draw out, and publish an ink drawing every day for the month of October. Not only was it a really fun exercise, it helped me get back to good drawing habits and encouraged me to try out new tools and styles. While most of my work thats appeared here on Medium and elsewhere has been overtly political, I made an effort to explore some different themes and styles with these posts.

#3 Livesketch of the Bernie Sanders rally in Boston. The 20,000-person convention center was full and a huge overflow crowd watched the speech on LCDs outside.
#4 Quick breakfast sketch with a brush and india ink
#5 Heads in the Cloud
#6 Inspired by Winsor McCay and Little Nemo in Slumberland
#8 Drawing (with ink and coffee) of what the lid on my coffee cup looks like within 30 seconds every time.
#9 Illustration of George Orwell’s concept of the “floating fortress” in 1984.
#10 Quick drawing of my roommate’s creepy clown lamp to practice with the brush pen
#11 The Blue Mosque in Istanbul. drawn with coffee and Ink. Inspired by a photo I took from a ferry on the Bosphorus.
#12 Illustration of a Kurt Vonnegut quote from Breakfast of Champions for Indigenous People’s Day
#13 quick tiny face sketch from the dem debate
#14 Mardin, Turkey
#15 Halfway through! Illustration of some Ugly Casanova lyrics.
#17 “Shall I project a world?” Hand drawn stamp inspired by The Crying of Lot 49.
Some live sketches of Kiss Concert, Three-Fourths Tigers, and Free Music at the Firehouse in Worcerster, MA.
#19 Some blank canvases and #20 Some Ratking lyrics (3x5 inches)
#21 Some artifacts of nostalgia from around the apartment
#22 Mr. Speaker of the House
#23 To-scale drawing of the inside of an ipod classic hard drive.
#24 Quick cartoon self portrait to practice some figure drawing with the brush pen
#25 Colored pencil and brush pen of the view of Mount Surgarloaf from by where I used to live in Sunderland, MA.
#26 Some news illustration.
#27 Another tiny drawing
I was at my grandmother’s for the night and took the opportunity to go treasure hunting in the basement. Some the results for #28.
#29 Sharpie drawing of garbage people vying for the opportunity to lead the trash party.
I really liked the “Draw your demons” theme that Lucy Bellwood used for each of her inktober drawings. Here’s a quick (it WAS the Friday before Halloween) crack at “draw your demons” for #30.
Happy Halloween and the last night of Inktober! a 2x4 inch creepy house for #31.

Thanks for following along : )