Steve Bannon is probably the most dangerous man in the White House

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Steve Bannon is likely the most dangerous person in the White House. Trump is dangerous because of his skill with vitriolic rhetoric and his total incompetence at nearly everything else. Bannon on the other hand, is a fiercely intelligent strategist and propagandist who latched onto Trump early. Bannon built Breitbart into a media headquarters and assembly ground for Trump’s offensive against “the establishment.” Bannon then guided Trump to victory when he took over his faltering campaign late last summer.

Now Bannon is Chief Strategist of the executive branch. While Trump comes off as a small minded bully motivated mostly by winning and appearing respected, Bannon appears to be motivated by the personal accumulation of power and launching a powerful movement based in white nationalism. Earlier in the summer, Bannon described Trump as “a blunt instrument for us,” referring to either Breitbart, or the movement. “I don’t know if he really gets it or not.”

So while Trump is getting attention for offensive and pathetic tweets, watch out for Steve Bannon.

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