Discover below our new digest of the best Augmented Reality lenses and experiences for the Snapchat app that available in April 2020. The rating of the top 10 lenses was organized according to Catchar community and based on stats and votes from Catchar website. is the world’s largest community and hub of Augmented and Mixed Reality creators where you can find and discover more than 1,000 lenses and effects for Snapchat and Instagram apps. In addition, by using Catchar users are able to collaborate with professional AR creators, studios and companies.

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Lens Studio by Snap Inc. it…

Originally this article has been created in summer 2020 but then updated in 2021.

Our editorial continues preparing new digests of the best AR effects and experiences for the Instagram app. The chart below has been organized based on submissions of AR effects that we had in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Also, we sorted different stats and votes from our website to manage this list. Catchar is the world’s largest community and hub of Augmented and Mixed Reality creators, where you can find and discover more than 1,000 lenses and effects for Instagram and Snapchat apps. …

This is the first digest in 2020 regarding the best Augmented Reality apps for Android and iOS, according to Catchar community. All projects below are based on stats and votes from Catchar website. Catchar is the world’s largest community and hub where you can discover more than 1,000 Augmented and Mixed Reality projects and their creators. In addition, there you can find a huge collection of lenses for the Snapchat and effects for the Instagram app. Moreover, our community helps junior developers to become professional AR/MR creators. …

Lens Studio by Snap Inc. is probably one of the best tools for creating high quality Augmented Reality experiences and lenses for Snapchat. Up until now, developers have created thousands of different lenses, effects and campaigns by using Lens Studio. Every day people are changing their looks, sending messages with AR experiences and trying to build something of their own. But If you are wondering where to find and download the best AR lenses and filters for Snapchat, you have to definitely check out our project.

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I want to share with you some scam story that happened to me on Angel List (i.e. to help you guys avoid the risks. Everything started when some person has sent me a direct message with proposal of loans, other option was is funding based on stocks. For the loans options they asked me to prepare surety bond and pay $12,000 on some fake website ( Sure, I skipped this. …

Catchar provides opportunities to share and promote Augmented Reality apps, lenses and campaigns. Our directory is focused on the projects that work based on the following technologies or hardware: HoloLens, Magic Leap, ARKit, Snapchat, Instagram, ARCore, Vuforia. AR developers, companies and makers can submit their projects through handy submission form on the website. Our team cares about the quality of the content, so each project is going through validation process. If your project fits requirements of our community, it will be shortly approved and listed on our website.

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We also help to promote AR projects that you have developed through…

Storybacker team is starting to write useful reviews, comparison and other things that can help you to start your own video vlog or photo blog. Today, we would like to bring to your attention a bit old, but still one of the best action cameras in our days. Especially, considering the fact that this camera was tested by us personally.

This camera deserves a closer look thanks to several cool features, added by Sony, such as a hardware optical stabilization and certainly, 4K full HD video recording. These components transform this small action camera to almost professional video camera. …

Roland will release soon a new drum machine called the TR-8S. The TR-8S product builds on the company’s TR-8, which kicked off Roland’s renewed interest in one of its most influential creations, the TR-808 drum machine. The new TR-8S allows you to load samples via an SD card, with controls for modulating the decay, pitch, start and end point and even playback direction.

TR-8S by Roland

The 16-step sequencer now will provide you an option to lock parameters, which lets you record and loop changes to the sound in real time. Eight individual outputs will provide you ability to process each sound individually…

Команда Justsnippet подготовила обзор одного из самых известных клубов техно-сцены Бергхайн, который также называют мировым техно-храмом.

© Laetitia Hildebrand

Berghain — это легендарный техно-клуб, расположенный в Берлине. В 2009 году Berghain попал на первое место в списке «100 лучших клубов мира» по версии журнала DJmag. Также, Berghain признавался лучшим немецким клубом по опросам тусовщиков и читателей немецких музыкальных журналов Groove и DeBug. У клуба есть собственный музыкальный техно-лейбл — Ostgut Ton.

Предыстория и интерьер клуба

Клуб Berghain реализовался из берлинского техно-клуба Ostgut, который существовал с 1998 по 2003 год и был известен своими нетрадиционными вечеринками секс меньшинств. Клуб расположение в помещении бывшей электростанции, здание датируется 1954 годом…

Hey guys! We really care about quality of your sound here in Justsnippet, so that we will share with some useful information about hardware and software… Today take a look at new updated AKAI Professional MPC 2.1

AKAI Professional has released MPC 2.1 an update to their MPC desktop software and firmware.

The MPC 2.1 desktop software can be controlled by MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Touch, MPC Studio Black, MPC Studio, MPC Renaissance and MPC Element. Integration for pads, pad colors and bank switching for MPK225, MPK249 and MPK261 has now been added. Integration for pads for MPD218, MPD226 and MPD232 has now been added.

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