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You’ve noticed that your back has been aching lately and well, to be perfectly honest, your stomach seems to be pooching out more, too.

You haven’t gained any weight but your pants fit differently than they used to. They feel snugger around the middle.

On your way to work, you walk past a department store and notice your reflection in the window.

What a slouch!

You immediately stand up taller and suck in your gut.

However, in a few minutes, you’re kind of embarrassed to admit that you’re back to slouching again.

Maintaining good posture for more than a couple…

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Face it.

If you lived in In La-La Land, you would never stress out about money or new wrinkles or your aging parents.

But you don’t live there.

You live here. In your brain.

And sometimes, your brain is not a pleasant place to be.

When stress hits, you don’t function at your best.

In the past, a long walk or an intense workout has helped you lower anxiety but today you don’t have time for that.

You need to calm down.


On those days when stress is high and time is short, use one of the following ways…

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You know you should be eating better.

While it’s a no-brainer you shouldn’t be eating raspberry cream cheese Danishes for your health, you wonder what you should be eating.

Fruits and vegetables are healthy, right?


Your friends who eat keto only eat certain fruits and vegetables. They don’t eat bananas but they do eat raspberries. They don’t eat sweet potatoes but they do eat broccoli.

So maybe some fruits and vegetables aren’t healthy after all?

And what about beef?

You’ve read that eating red meat increases your cholesterol levels.

However, your Paleo friends swear by organic, grass-fed beef for…

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Hankering after something chocolate but eating keto so you’re counting carbs?

Or maybe you just want a dessert that doesn’t raise your blood sugar?

Something dairy-free?

In any case, you want a dessert that follows your diet but is still yummy enough that even your picky family and friends will love to gobble up.

Preferably something easy-to-make and that uses simple ingredients.

Well, you’re in luck because this chocolate souffle cake recipe is for you!

The 6 Ingredients You Need to Make Your Souffle Cake a Delicious Delight

I love this recipe for its simplicity! The basic ingredients of chocolate, eggs, and sweetener are really all you need. If you don’t have coffee…

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At happy hour, your friends share a big plate of nachos to go with their IPA. You peel away the chips and just eat the cheese. Beer has too many carbs. You stick to water.

You purchased a ketone monitor and use it every day.

You can’t believe you lost your craving for red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

You can eyeball a serving of walnuts and calculate the net carbs.

Oatmeal with skim milk and a banana is no longer your go-to breakfast. Buttery eggs, bacon, and avocado is.

You’ve dropped a few pounds without even trying.


Dana Rozier

Dana is a writer, teacher, and content developer.

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