How to Eat Healthily in a World Filled With Processed Food

Making sure foods don’t rot, making sure insects don’t destroy them, altering foods so that they are quick and easy to prepare are taking their toll on our health. Processed foods are all but devoid of nutrients — they are simply over-refined, over-processed and lacking in all the minerals and vitamins we need. It has become essential to eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown in organic soils. 
 Research has also shown insomnia and even hyperactivity were greatly assisted when allergenic additives, particularly preservatives and colorants were removed from children- and adults diets. It is true that not everyone reacts in the same way to harmful additives in processed foods, but many people find an improvement in postnasal drips and sinusitis. 
 There’s No Need to Go Into a Depression

People often mistakenly think that to eat healthily in a world filled with processed food, they have to nibble on celery sticks or drink lemon pieces in warm water. They think they have to totally give up on all the foods they love and survive on a diet of lettuce leaves and water. Nothing could be more ridiculous. 
 In today’s modern and rushed society, people are forgetting to eat raw foods — fresh fruit and vegetables. They grab a quick coffee, and being pressed for time, they have become over-reliant on highly-processed, fast-foods which have a low nutrient content. They perhaps skip their breakfast and then fill up on a pie later on — not even taking time to sit down and eat it slowly. 
 You’ll often find that people who eat plenty of processed foods as a matter of convenience are quite possibly overweight. Research shows that those people who eat large portions of fruit and vegetables are at lower risk of developing certain cancers, stroke or heart disease. Nobody is suggesting that you give up on your favorite staples like tea, coffee, a toasted sandwich or even a bar of chocolate from time to time, but the idea is to simply take in a little less of them and to increase your intake of healthier fresh foods. 
 By getting up a little earlier than you usually do, you’ll have the time to whip up a delicious breakfast for yourself and to eat it slowly and enjoyably. What can be more delicious than a mango and Greek Yoghurt Smoothie? Chop up a ripe mango, add in a 1/4 cup of yogurt and 1/2 cup of full cream milk, a tablespoon of honey and some ice if you like, blend until smooth and frothy and enjoy. You’ll be tempted to, at lunchtime, to add in some berries and try it all over again. Yogurt is a super immune-enhancing food and adding it to your diet can certainly help to prevent disease. 
 Do It Gradually
 Don’t forget too that nuts and seed are great snacks and are excellent fiber rich foods. So you see, you can start eating healthily without going into a depression because you feel you have to starve. Gradually start eating less processed foods and include more real, raw foods and you’ll be optimising your immune system and feeling far more energized.