Jealousy: A Destructive Emotion for Sales

I remember working in a big sales company wherein the sales manager gave me a huge deal of responsibility and authority. He also gave me the freedom to determine how to run the business I will soon establish the way I want it to be. I took great consideration at what he gave me and I am now running a successful and thriving business. However, when my business was already thriving, my sales manager got demoted and soon became a salesman as well as a competitor. This is where things got out of hand primarily because of his jealousy towards my thriving business.

It Will Never Change

The famous quote “Leopards don’t change their spots” is really applicable when the topic relates to jealousy. What makes it hard for him to attain success as a salesman was that he had this attitude wherein he did not want to work hard for what he wants. He was a pretty lazy salesperson. You will know that you are a lazy manager if you have talented salespeople working under your name. Because of the help of these people, you will develop an attitude on delegating the tasks and not working at any at all since all available tasks were given to your salespeople. Being lazy and successful does not normally come hand in hand. It may happen to some people because of luck but it will never last.

My previous sales manage chose to go after my thriving business since he had this idea that ones he bullied me and got into my skin, he can easily get sales from my business. Well, I guess he thought wrong. One thing you should remember is not to take your loses on someone else. You must know how and why it happened to you. Determine the different actions you made which probably resulted to the turnaround of your business.

Use It To Promote Better Outcomes

You have the choice to work with other salespeople who are a bit successful than you are or you can do let your business thrive by learning differently. Whatever you decide on doing, just make sure that instead of looking at the results and achievements of others, what you should do is to focus on your own results. Ask yourself these questions:

· What are these salespeople doing that is so different which makes their business thrive compared to what I am doing?

· How tough do these people face work?

· What are the things they do in order to build these kinds of relationships?

· What are the relationships advantageous to my business?

· What are their strategies so that clients purchase more?

You do have a choice on how to make things easier for you and your business. You should know how to respond whenever you will notice successful people. You can either become angry and jealous or think of the possible strategies that will make your business thrive rather than destroying your competition in ways not justifiable or in consonance with sales ethics. Bear in mind that you should stop and think before you envy someone else’s success.

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