Fathom’s Maiden Voyage — Father/Daughter Style — Day 1

Sunday, April 17


Wow. Day 1 onboard “Fathom’s Maiden Voyage” was filled with surprises!

  • Great room with a balcony!
  • Sailing with Carnival President and CEO, Arnold Donald
  • Reunion with a friend from high school, s/o to BHS!

Being able to toast to the inaugural journey with Arnold Donald, Carnival President and CEO and Tara Russell, President of Fathom and Global Impact Lead of Carnival Corp. was such an honor!

Day 1 Cheers! Bon Voyage!

The Adonia went through a tremendous amount of renovations just weeks before departure to make the experience unique to Fathom. One of the many small touches are the fun name plates outside everyone’s cabins.

Can’t wait to continue the week! Cheers to Day 1. :)


A “mission” journey on the sea and land! Interesting concept and can’t wait to experience the planned activities. I’ve met many awesome people to include our hosts — CEO of Carnival, President of Fathom and other associates. I am very grateful for the attentive staff as I am being pampered!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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