I’m Graduating Today But Things Should Have Been Different
Charlotte Clymer

Congratulations on your graduation from Georgetown University. Today is January 10, 2017, and I read your story (some called it a rant; it is a story) on Twitter today and I was so moved by it that I followed you on twitter, then looked at your profile there and saw you write for Medium.

This is really self-centered of me, but I have to confess to wanting to see what you wrote closest to the date of my liver transplant last May. And it was this one. I’m glad this was the first Medium article of yours that I wrote because it told me a lot about you, historically. But it also told me you are nakedly honest. I’m looking for that everywhere I go now. I got called to go to Cleveland Clinic on May 21st, the best day of my life until the next day when the surgery took place. When I got a new life. (I’m a writer and blogger too, but being sick for more than a decade took me out of the mainstream of life. Till now.) So I wrote my first article for Medium last week about the experience of being sick and then suddenly being well. It’s called An Ending and a Beginning (from a quote by T.S. Eliot in “Four Quartets”). Being sick was only one of the many hard times I had in my life, being raised by a woman with narcissistic personality disorder, being incested at age 9, “forgetting” the whole thing for nearly 40 years, and doing all kinds of self-abusive things. But getting lots of things accomplished despite that.

I like reading about people like you. So I’m following you now. (Not like a stalker — don’t worry!) But I want to see you launch your life, watch it take off. You have a spark that’s really bright. I want to see that grow, and to read what you write as you go.

Thank you for this story. And for the story/”rant” on twitter.

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