The Perfect Schedule: A Simple Exercise In Life Design
Niklas Goeke

I like your ideas in this article. Something I can actually start trying out right now. Especially like the schedule and how simple you made it. I do think that women’s schedules are different than men’s & that’s just a given. (I have said, and so have many of my girl friends, that “boy, I wish I had a wife” — to do my laundry, housework, cooking, et al. I know guys do that stuff, too, but there’s more “expectation” in their lives for their “wo-man” to perform the bulk of those chores.) So aside from that, I like it because I like to work and that is the BIG problem I have with the 4-hour workweek. I just don’t get that. I’m re-designing my life right now, and like your approach. Thanks!

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