Using NaNoWriMo In a Different Way
Mateja Klaric

I love this! I’m doing the very same thing — well, different subject and title, of course. Yup, non-fiction. Says who I can’t do that? The first time I did NaNo I used it to finish the first draft of my first novel. I had quite a ways to go and I knew a “competition” of sorts would work for me. It worked! And right after that I wrote my second novel. But now it’s a non-fiction book I’ve been fiddling around for more than a year now. NaNo to the rescue. I never actually register my book with NaNoWriMo because I’m afraid I’d rebel (I do that). I just want the community of writers and that little competitive edge — even with myself. Nice going! Cheering you on — and yeah, I’d like a book like yours, for sure!

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