The First Thing To Do After A Massive Failure
James Altucher

James, I always enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s so far from what I am offered daily to read — productivity tips, 29 ways to improve your whatever-it-is. You tell stories and about you managed your life so it felt better. I read what you write to be uplifted. Thank you so much for that. I am grateful to you just about every day (especially when I do the Daily Practice). I just got fired from a job yesterday, and instead of worrying how I will earn enough to pay my bills and eat, I felt the relief of not having to go back to that awful place where I worked and hated every minute I was there. And slept well last night. My relief was a form of the gratitude you talk about. The spiritual text I read is a little book of daily “reminders” — called A Year Without Fear. It’s mostly about choosing your self and love. I read it every year and it’s new every year.

So, all of this just to say Thank You so much. You make my day better. Often.

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