What I most recently want to believe: Electrodermal testing
Keith Croes

Living in the Denver-Boulder area, I have been exposed to many of the notions you describe. Especially the homeopathic notions. I too want to believe. Why not? Taking tasteless homeopathic “meds” (yes, in quotes — what are they?) is a lot easier than choking down pills you know have horrific side effects that you may or may not get, or enduring tests that actually hurt, and the really mean one, not eating or drinking anything for 8+ hours prior to some anesthetized procedure where things will be done to you. All medicine is mysterious in its own way. But in New Age Central (Boulder, Colorado) it takes on mystique — that actually can lead to medical mistakes later on. My intuition (something immeasurable yet important to me) leads me always back to science and those papers. Ahhhhh! Thanks for the entertainment, Keith. (Oh, my profile photo is me stopping to note, quite happily, my entrance to the Gastroenterology Unit at Cleveland Clinic Hospital to prepare for liver transplant the next morning. Happy Happy!)

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