The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win. So they looked the other way.
Washington Post

So what are you going to do now? Get down in the trenches — finally — where you belonged all during this election season? It’s about damn time. I watched the debut of Trump’s candidacy and was horrified, stupefied. Did the media jump on that? NO. A resounding NO for months, all the way to right now. The people want the truth. All of the people. I would be considered liberal elite (even though I’m one of the overlooked — I’m poor as a churchmouse because of a prolonged illness and then finally a transplant after 11 years). But I can tell you, and I absorb the news, I’m highly political, the media did a crapass job. And I don’t see you’re going to even have a chance to improve. Trump is going to block your access to him and what he’s doing. I’m already seeing that effect. Daily. Every single morning when I look at my AP mobile news — sports reports. Only scraps of political news. You had better rethink your career in journalism, or move to a rural area and start a newspaper there. We need your honesty, NAKED honesty.

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