4 actions to reset your life in one day
Frank Manning

Wish I could guess where you are sitting. When I first looked at the picture, I got scared! But my first thought was El Capitan. I know it’s not there, but I think it’s out West somewhere. That’s as close as I can put it, and I could be completely off on that, too. You have good ideas. But I hated that Benjamin Hardy idea of the cold shower — eek! I read his morning routine business. I’ve had a morning routine for the past 24 or so years. Get up before the sun rises and write nonstop until dawn. Or so. After that it just depended on whether or not I had a job to go to, horses to feed or not, snow to drive through (or not), or if I was sick (as I was for the past decade) and kinda slow-moving. Recently transplanted with a new liver, not sick anymore, still writing before dawn but trying to figure out my new routine. Not as easy as it seems. Keep writing!!!

And thanks for the follow. I wrote an article about my liver transplant on Medium — An Ending and a Beginning.

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