Creative Workshop of One // Challenge 06

This is the sixth in a series of design challenges from David Sherwin’s “Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills.” I’m trying to do one a day to give my mind some creative exercise.

Challenge 06: “Mr. Blue”

The challenge today was to design the cover and masthead for a magazine focusing on the color blue. Pretty open topic, so I wanted to stay away from things like water and the sky, things that seemed obvious. My first idea was a journal for Joni Mitchell fans, as I can’t really think about either the color or the concept without her and her album Blue. But I ended up going with a magazine about synthetic food. Blue food is such a strange concept, one that doesn’t really exist in nature except for the (mostly purple and green) blueberry. I thought there could be a lot of content for this magazine. I had some ideas for articles, so I made a table of contents instead of a masthead.


Table of Contents

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