AlaSQL — a query language for JavaScript

Why use it?

AlaSQL Quick Start Cheat Sheet

Question mark (?):

alasql(‘query ? goes here ?’, [thisDataRepresentsFirst?, thisDataRepresentsSecond?]);

Create a table:

alasql(‘CREATE TABLE tableName’);

Create one record:

alasql(‘INSERT INTO tableName VALUES ?’, [itemToInsert]);

Find a record:

alasql(‘SELECT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM ? WHERE arrlen(leechers) < 3 AND socketId in @(?)) AS hasCap’, [nodeTracker, broadcasterIds]);

Edit a record:

alasql(‘UPDATE tableName SET keyToUpdate = ? WHERE keyIdentifier = ?’, [valueThatKeyShouldBeUpdatedTo, valueOfKeyIdentifier]);

Delete a record:

alasql(‘DELETE FROM tableName WHERE keyToMatch = ?’, [“valueOfKeyToMatch”]);

Create a custom function:

alasql.fn.arrlen = function(arr) { return arr.length; };
alasql(‘VALUE OF SELECT socketId FROM nodeTracker WHERE arrlen(leechers) < 3 and socketId IN @(?)’, [broadcasterIds]);




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Dana Tran

Dana Tran

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