The Far Left Is Still Out Of Touch With Black Voters
Marcus H. Johnson

Thank you for this. I have lost several of my upper-middle-class, two-income, health insurance-carrying white friends over just this point. The decision to eschew identity politics is a luxury you can afford only if your identity is already safe and represented. I by no means compare my situation to that of a black person, but I’m sick to death of my democrat friends once again focusing on the poor, unrepresented, white working-class male. Why? Because this is the ONE time in history he’s had to suffer at all? (apparently being represented by 78% of congress means there’s a “war” against you.) And even then, he’s hardly the one being shot in the street for reaching for his driver’s license, is he? The right has launched a brutal punishment upon the country in retribution for our having treated a black man like five-fifths of a person, and when the response to that all-out assault is to try harder to understand Joe-Bob and act as though we somehow live in a “post-race” era, the willful ignorance is too much.

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