Oscar Shared at Courage’s Memorial

Staying at Gammy and Papa’s house the last 3 months

Danae and Jeannie,

I hope whenever you read this you will be blessed knowing the precious heart of Oscar. His love and knowledge of the Lord at such a young age is a testimony to how he has experienced God. Oscar honored his baby brother in the most special way — with confidence, bravery, affection, and love.

The girls and I remarked tonight that how wonderful it is that Courage’s last 3 months he was in a home that oozed love, acceptance, affection, and adoration.

With love,


Oscar: I um tickled him and when he was trying to crawl off on the carpet I pulled him back and that made him laugh on the carpet and um he um laughed um really cutely and he was really cute and we hope we see him again and we are sad down here and we will see him again someday and I blowed on his stomach one day, a couple days, and he smiled about that

Craig: He’d like to say a prayer

Oscar: Dear Jesus, can you please take away the pain. You can help us. You can bless us, you will provide, you take away and you give. You help those homeless people because you are powerful and you’re mighty. In Jesus name we pray. Amen