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It determines your results when you use a search engine. It suggests friends and followers on social media. It recommends you videos, articles, and music. It has both destroyed and cultivated relationships. It is the reason for an inconsistent distribution of media and information. It filters, hides, promotes, invites, captivates…

The Algorithm.

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I wonder what results The Algorithm fed me

Algorithms are pervasive.

People who use social media as a means to share their content, gain visibility, and develop careers are in a constant dance with The Algorithm.

We want to garner the favor of The Algorithm so it promotes our work. We speak of The Algorithm as the omnipresent absolute authority that determines if our content will be seen and who will see it. …

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Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

By the time I turned 11, I had already lived in four countries in three continents. I was used to moving and changing schools every few years; friends came and went, and were never around very long. I kept in touch with a few people via email or the occasional phone call coordinated by our mothers, but other than that, goodbye meant we never knew if we would see each other again.

Facebook changed everything.

In 2008, I was an 11 year old living in England. Facebook was becoming more popular, and I was granted parental permission to make an account for myself. …


Dana Hammarstrom

Content creator with Garden Marcus & Co-Founder of Choice Forward. I write about my experiences growing up in the digital age. My website:

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