Foundation 5 sliders in dropdowns using EmberJS

Dana Hartweg
Apr 24, 2014 · 3 min read

The template

{{!-- templates/toolbar.hbs --}}

<li><a class="button" data-options="align:right" data-dropdown="fiberWidth" title="Fiber Width"><i class="fi-target"></i></a></li>

<div id="fiberWidth" class="f-dropdown content" data-dropdown-content>
<h7>Fiber Width</h7>

<div class="range-slider" data-options="start: 2; end: 80;" {{bind-attr data-slider="width"}}>
<span class="range-slider-handle"></span>
<span class="range-slider-active-segment"></span>
{{input type="hidden" value=width}}
</div> {{!-- end dropdown content --}}

The view

// views/toolbar.js

didInsertElement: function() {
// making sure the slider reflows after its dropdown is made visible the first time
var dropdown = this.$('div .f-dropdown.content');

// make all sliders reflow when their dropdowns are first opened'opened.fndtn.dropdown', function(e) {
$('.range-slider').foundation('slider', 'reflow');

// make sure the slider stays updated when a new record loads in
// only necessary when the dropdown opens again
dropdown.on('opened.fndtn.dropdown', function(e) {
var target_slider = $('.range-slider');
var new_value = target_slider.attr('data-slider');'slider', 'set_value', new_value);

return this._super();

Triggering the binding in Ember

// views/toolbar.js

var slider = this.$('.range-slider');

// send new value when slider is done changing
slider.on('mouseup.fndtn.slider touchend.fndtn.slider pointerup.fndtn.slider', function(e) {

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