My Story. My Nightmare.

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No one has told me that adulthood is a nightmare- a living nightmare, especially when you are trapped in life.

I am a twenty three year old Filipino who is pursuing a career track in Clinical Psychology. Most twenty three year old in the Philippines already have a stable job — I don’t.

I work as an online English teacher while I balance my weekend classes. I am still dependent on my father. I ask money from him to support my graduate school, which I am not even sure why I am so invested in it.

I get good grades. But I really do not know what I still want to begin with, even at twenty three. Every day I wake up and wonder why I have let myself fall into a trap that is too hard to escape. What makes it more difficult to continue is the dwindling growth of Psychology in the Philippines.

If only I were seventeen again I would have made a better choice. I would not have been experiencing this nightmare. Can please someone wake me up?

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