An entire population remains “checked out”. The few who desperately attempt to connect are met with blank zombie stares with blinking wide eyes that fail to register what you just said out loud. Why? Because it’s really difficult for the human brain to process two distinctively different ideas at the same time: one that you’re starring at and/or reading and trying to make sense of and that which you hear in front of you in the physical world. Music is different. You can hear the music with your brain not processing it, but the beat of it can move your brain forward and into the words and pictures in front of you. As a songwriter, however, you must focus on only that which is before you. It’s impossible to carry on a conversation and/or read text and compose a song. So, when did we decide that it was socially acceptable to do both at the same time? Go out with a friend sometime and look around the space you meet in. If it is in a cafe, a restaurant, a public space of any kind, then you will find some patrons totally engrossed in small, brightly-lit square before them which is fine if you’re alone. But when you see a couple or a table filled with people ALL LOOKING at the brightly lit screen, you wonder what on earth these people are thinking when they have made time to gather together yet, everything in the world moves through their brains except the humans in front of them. No conversation, no sharing of idea, no recognition that anyone nor anything else matters save for the bright screen and what lay beyond in the ether of binary code. The people of the world who have some money and a smart communication device are completely lost.