Why Do We Love Those People Who Are Like Our Fathers?

I am still waiting for the answer to this question in my research, but I think to myself. I mean, isn't it obvious? Isn't it reasonable to conclude that most of our lives are spent with those special people that we are either raised with or raised/shaped us to become who we are today?

My brother, ever since he has been dating, has always gone for girls similar to me and our sisters. Brown hair, brown eyes, stubbornly headstrung personality. I have never been sure as to why to this, never cared, until I started to date my own boyfriend.

There is no doubt in my mind that he holds the best qualities I grew up loving about my brother. A heavy work ethic, good sense of humour, an unmitigated curiousity about anything that can tickle his interest. But I have always wondered why?

If you pride yourself on the person you are today, than it is no shame that you are attracted a replica of them? There’s no shame in loving someone with the same qualities of the most influential people in your life who ultimately shaped that character.

If our mothers, or brothers, sisters or fathers made us into who we are, then the mates that we gather and fall in love with must be much more than that.

So my conclusion to this question is: Who cares. If something can supplement the magic behind your character then instead of questioning it, I think we should celebrate it.

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