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Orix Pet Community Sajon for Fireart Studio

Gamification has become one of the most exciting UX design trends in recent years. Regardless of the “seriousness” of the tasks we perform using apps, we still prefer those mobile experiences that give us laughter and fun. Gamification can become an excellent solution for many apps. It empowers us to transform even the most tedious processes and daily activities into the fun for users. Here we will consider this concept under a magnifying glass, as well as the benefits of gamification in UX design.

What is gamification, and why do we need fun?

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Orix Rent App Onboarding Animation by Sajon for Fireart Studio

Today’s world is full of game consumers. This industry is fast-growing, and state-of-the-art technologies promise the rise of even more exciting gaming experiences soon. Modern users love games, and they’re always happy to meet gaming elements beyond the game itself, for example, in a mobile app. …


Dana Kachan

Strategic Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Author | Content Manager at Fireart Studio

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