For our product ecosystem to thrive, we need skilled engineers + marketers + product + sales people, with skills of empathy, self-awareness, resilience, experimentation, partnership, who are ready to co-create with an initial set of good customers.
A scientist understands a problem deeply, and comes up with an answer.
Prasanna K

Prasanna K I would add ‘exposure’ here. We all are well aware of problems that plague our education system. To me the only counter to it is giving as much exposure possible to as many as possible as early as possible. Far too many operate in the don’t know, don’t know section.

I do believe we will grow. Not just because we are a young nation, getting even younger. But rather because we are a aspirational society. Add to that our survivor bias.

What if we didn’t teach rabbit to swim? Instead, let it run.

To quote Phil Knight from his book Shoe Dog,

“For that matter, few ideas are as crazy as my favourite thing, running. It’s hard. It’s painful. It’s risky. The rewards are few and far from guaranteed. When you run around an oval track, or down an empty road, you have no real destination…The act itself becomes the destination. It’s not just that there’s no finish line; it’s that you define the finish line. Whatever pleasures or gains you derive from the act of running, you must find them within. It’s all in how you frame it, how you sell it to yourself.”

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