Leap of faith.

Why I made the jump to tech world?

“Risk taking is something I know both everything and nothing about.” — Caroline Fairchild

In May 2015, I joined LetsVenture. I made a switch from handling million dollar sales/purchase contracts to a startup helping other startups raise million dollar(s) in funding. From an industry where people had started to recognize my name and work, I was taking on a role in an industry where I was a complete newbie. Why really did I switch from a non-tech world to a tech world? I was taking a risk. But, why?

Despite lacking excitement of startup world, things were not mundane in my industry. Importantly, industry had well-worn rules (stability) plus when I handed my business card people knew and understood what I did (growth). In just three years, AD Ventures had been given the opportunity to enable $15M+ in sales and $5M+ in investment for its clients. We had just started working closely with overseas clients from China and USA. Simply put, it was a tough call. The hardest part of this move has been leaving the many mentors and inspiring business leaders that I have been privileged enough to work with. Nothing I have done so far would have been possible without the support of my peers and seniors. I will forever be grateful to them for pushing me to my limits, for throwing at me roles and responsibilities I never thought I could execute; but most critically, for giving me a chance to be out there even if it meant making mistakes.

So, why the jump? In 18 months of its existence, LetsVenture has done brilliant job of enabling 37 startups raise $10M+ in seed funding from global Angels and VCs. 37 teams are working on solving problems that matter, without worrying about their immediate finances. Despite its achievements, LetsVenture is still in its infancy. The rules and roles are being defined and redefined daily; experimenting is a constant. I suppose this why I made the jump. I am ready to start taking on bigger problems instead of waiting around for “someone” to solve them for me. At LetsVenture, we have an opportunity to become a key architect of the future of Indian startup ecosystem. In the startup world, risks are extremely high. Simply put, it is “win or go home”. End of the day, every investor and entrepreneur looks at an idea from a single lens — is the opportunity worth the risk? LetsVenture is that opportunity, and I look forward to playing an active role in enabling others.

As someone working with commodity markets and involved in adventure sports, risk taking has been a recurring theme in my work and personal life. I suppose, I am addicted to taking risks or maybe I am actually just motivated by the upside (opportunity to make a difference). I do know one thing though, putting yourself out there — is an act worth repeating.

Thanks to Aby James for reading drafts of this.