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Keeping Your Skills Sharp As An Unemployed UX Designer

This post can also be helpful to those that are on a journey to self teach UI/UX Design!

I recently completed a six month UI/UX Design bootcamp and am currently in the process of looking for a full time position. After graduating, I wanted to start diving deeper into other skills that I was interested in and would be helpful to have as a UX Designer such as coding, motion graphic design, and digital illustration.

After about a month I had the realization that I wasn’t really practicing the skills that I had learned during the bootcamp. To do an entire project from scratch can be really daunting. I wanted to add more projects to my portfolio but didn’t really know where to start. So these are just some tips and resources to help you get started. :)

Design Challenges

Here’s a list of some places you can get design challenges from.

1. Designercize

2. Behance Live

3. DailyUI


  3. : This isn’t an article or book but there are a lot of helpful articles, podcasts, and videos. They also offer a bootcamp!

Enroll In Courses

1. General Assembly

2. Thinkful

3. Coursera

4. SpringBoard

5. HackDesign

Volunteer Work / Hackathons

As a new designer freelance work can be really daunting which is why I would recommend doing volunteer work and hackathons first. I only recommend that because through volunteer work your client would most likely be more willing to allow you to bring other people onto the project so you’re not designing alone.

1. Catchafire

2. Volunteer Match

3. Hackathons

Slack Communities

  1. Bitesize UX
  2. Designer Hangout
  3. Habity
  4. Hexagon UX
  6. The Designership
  7. Women in Tech
  8. Ladies that UX
  9. Queer Design Club
  10. Out in Tech

Thanks for reading! :) 🌼