The Media Dissonance Experiment

It’s Sunday, and I’m still seeing news articles and tweets from reporters and news sources talking about Trump’s tweet from Friday. The tweet, in case you’ve been living under a rock, was about the mainstream media. In it, he tweets that the news was, “an enemy of the people.”

I’ve been watching my twitter feed religiously since then- watching the media meltdown. Even from news sources that he clearly wasn’t even talking about (think Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith).

First, I’ll say for the record that it wasn’t the best thought out tweet. He probably shouldn’t have hit the “tweet” button.

With that being said? Let’s talk turkey:

  1. The media will never learn. While the media collectively lost their shit about Trump and his press conference? Trump stood there and predicted in his statements exactly what the media would do. He said they would peg him as if he was insane. He was dead on, too. They called him “unhinged”. Crazy acting. Que the explosive language and nitpicking. It started happening before he even finished his press conference. That’s right- he KNEW what the media would do and how they would react…and they fell right into it. Give yourselves a round of applause. You got played, media.
  2. Trump has a point, actually. Even if you don’t agree with what he tweeted or his comments? Can you really say that he doesn’t have a point? I follow numerous different news sources. Liberal and conservative leaning. It is not a secret to anyone that most newspapers are left leaning. Still, bringing up about impeachment, calling him a “tyrant,”, talking about his mental state (or hand size), or just generally insulting him isn’t journalism. It’s opinion, not unlike this article. Yes, there are facts in this article, but it’s not journalism. Journalists have lost sight of that and act like novice bloggers who’ve never even set foot in a journalism class. Have we forgot what the word, “yellow journalism” means? Apparently, we have.
  3. The reaction from the media about Trump’s tweet is exactly what the media accuses him of doing. Trump has been called “thin-skinned,” on quite a frequent basis. What would you call a group of reporters frantically posting defenses and angry tweets because the President of the United States tweeted something they didn’t like hearing? I’d call it thin-skinned myself.

Really, please show me where that tweet hurt you today.

I’m serious. Are you hurt? Do you need a doctor?

4. Did I already mention that he’s right? Yes. Okay. People will say Trump is a liar. I hear you. Should I believe the liars that are telling me he’s a liar? Just how exactly do liars keep liars honest? Fun analogy I used yesterday with a friend: My friend Betty Sue has been lying to me. Or, I think she has…I’m not sure. Now, do I fact find for myself, or do I ask another liar if Betty Sue is a liar?

Do you understand? This is the predicament of modern America. I can’t even depend on the mainstream media to fact-check the President of the United States because they make it so incredibly clear that they dislike him. They post articles that aren’t even fact-checked when they send them out for public consumption. How the hell am I supposed to take anything the media says at face value?

So, will anything that myself or countless other have said or written make a difference?

Of course not!


Well, because THEY are the media. They know the pulse of America. So much that they’ve been outplayed by a man who they think is stupid since June of 2015.

Oh, wait. I forgot. Americans are stupid. Right.

Have you read my writing? I certainly know personally what “smug” is. Take it from me…you guys are smug.

Listen, newsies. If you start actually reporting again, and Trump continues to attack you? I’ll back you up 100%. We need a free press.

We also need an honest one.