Delaware Park, in the heart of Buffalo, is like the city’s very own Central Park. The crown jewel of Buffalo’s Olmsted Park System is filled with sights to see, things to do and places to eat. Here are nine suggestions of how to spend the perfect day there, from Ring Road on the park’s eastern end to along Hoyt Lake on the western end:

1. Eat and drink at the new hot spot, The Terrace. Overlooking the lake, the Terrace is quickly becoming Buffalo’s favorite patio. …

When the sun is shining and the temperatures are high, there’s no place you’ll rather be than feeling the gentle breeze along Buffalo’s revitalized waterfront. Following an ambitious makeover, the result of hundreds of millions of dollars in new investment, some of Buffalo’s best attractions and events are situated on the shores of Lake Erie, the Buffalo River and beyond. In addition to all of the fun you’ll have on land, here are a dozen ways to get on the water:

1. Kayaking
There are now several different spots to rent kayaks — one of the best ways to see…

Shop our Buffalo farmers markets like a pro. Every May through October, farmers markets pop up all over some of our favorite neighborhoods and they are filled with delicious fruits, vegetables and artisanal goods. Truly the heart of the community, farmers and artisans gather with the area’s residents to celebrate the summer’s bounty. It’s full-green ahead and here are my top fresh picks for the best local farmers markets.

Saturday Markets

Elmwood/Bidwell Market, 8AM — 1PM, Bidwell Pkwy at Elmwood Ave, Buffalo
Elmwood Village’s farmers market is located in Bidwell Park, a beautiful strip of parkway that’s right in the…

Pull out the coolers, grills and chairs. Make the rounds to Wegmans, Consumers and the nearest butcher shop. It’s picnic season, people!

Buffalo summers are some of the best around as our city is blessed with warm temps and cool lake breezes. Perfect weather is the first step in your picnic planning prep. After that, you need to focus your attention on the smaller, but wildly important, details. Your Buffalo-style picnic, no matter how large or small, need only be concerned about the four major components: LOCATION, FOOD, BEVERAGE & FUN.


Delaware Park — the crown jewel of Buffalo’s…

Orchard Park knows how to get its summertime fix. Since 1949, Taffy’s Hot Dog Stand has delivered a healthy (a generous term) dose of shakes, fries and hot dogs — served with old fashioned charm to its generation-agnostic faithful. But don’t let the term “Stand” mislead you. This is more than your average mom-and-pop shop.


On this midweek afternoon, business is humming. Nestled between Orchard Park Road and a shopping plaza, it’s an unlikely spot to expect a summer comfort food getaway. …

Once the good weather hits Buffalo, we get outside and stay outside. And our options for enjoying entertainment outdoors have expanded over the years. Here are just a few of the choices in the coming months:

Shakespeare in Delaware Park
Shakespeare in Delaware Park is a long-running, Buffalo tradition. A wooden stage is set at the bottom of “Shakespeare Hill;” the slope, part of the Frederick Law Olmsted landscape design, forms a natural spot from which to enjoy the shows (Tuesdays through Sundays at 7:30 pm). Each season is comprised of a comedy and a drama. This year, it’s “The Merry…

The world is our oyster, Buffalo. The days are longer, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and signs of the upcoming spring and summer are all around us.

One highlight of the upcoming months is the slate of annual festivals on nearly every weekend. But almost every day during the summer also has weekly events that are great for whenever your next visit to the Queen City is. …

Buffalo is embracing what’s been here all along — its incredible history and architectural legacy — with a vision of refreshment, rejuvenation and repurposing. And the rest of the world is taking notice.

Most recently, the popular travel outlet Lonely Planet published an article titled Buffalo Rising: A Rust Belt Resurgence. Author Simon Richmond discussed his delight as he discovered an unexpected side of Buffalo.


The Richardson Olmsted Campus and Hotel Henry

“New York State’s second-largest city is trading in its image of post-industrial collapse for one of creative revival as architectural gems — including impressive early career works by…

Buffalo has undergone a once-in-a-lifetime transformation, and its proud history and incredible architectural legacy weave their way into every aspect of the visitor experience. This includes where visitors stay overnight, as a series of boutique hotels have opened in recent years that make the most of the city and region’s stunning architectural fabric. Here are six examples:



THEN: Designed by Louise Bethune, the first female architect accredited by the American Institute of Architects, this was one of Buffalo’s grand downtown hotels at the turn of the 20th century. …

Many of us have fond childhood memories of going out for ice cream. The kid-equivalent of winning the lottery, few things can provide more joy than a cold, sweet treat on a hot summer day.

Cars cruise in and out of the parking lot, you see the old-fashioned sign adorning the rooftop, and the only thing separating you from your custard is the line of eager people at the outdoor walk-up ordering window. The anticipation turns into delight when that chocolate and vanilla twist is handed to you. It’s a perfect moment.


Anderson’s Custard Twist & Beef on Weck


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