Fun-filled Davao Escapade

We originally went to Davao for our friends’ wedding. Since it was our first time to go there, I decided to make the trip a little longer for us to enjoy the city and its culture. Fortunate enough, we met kuya Dodong who became our driver and tour guide around the city! ☺

Day 1: #BrenDonna Wedding 
Day 2: Eden Nature Park | Philippine Eagle Center | Jack’s Ridge
Day 3: Monfort Bat Cave | Hamigit Falls | Cavanico Il Ma Re
Day 4: People’s Park | Lola Abon’s | Presdent Duterte’s House | D’bone Collector Museum

To contact kuya Dodong text him (09177679962) and tell him you were referred by me. You might get additional discounts! 😜

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