State Dept Dan Rosen’s Arrest: Cheat Sheet for Journos
Lori Handrahan

What I am concerned about is that people far higher than these, are involved. It’s a club, the higher up you go the more entrenched this is.

It is well known that the powers that be use blackmail to shut up insiders who tell the truth. My question is: are they truthspeakers who were silenced? They are ALL involved, from the top to the bottom. Were these people targeted to get them to shut up, like maybe there was more and they couldn’t keep silent any more? You can be sure, this goes to the very tippy top, and I don’t mean elected offficials. I am speaking of those who give orders to teh elected officials and judges. They are ALL in on it. Must be. George Carlin said “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”. If you are in “government” (so called, its actually a privately owned business trading association, trading in the legal fictioin), you are corrupt. Or you are dead. Or you are in prison.

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Judge Anna Riezinger — 02–20–2016 RBN (in Defence of Humanity …

▶ 1:27:24

Feb 24, 2016 — Uploaded by liabilitymate

Judge Anna Riezinger talks about the Evil (Unlawful Legal scam) pushed by the LEGAL FRAUD BAR …

Government is a racket, a scam, it is a debt collection agent for the Federal Reserve, through the legal fiction trick.

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