Up Close and Personal

I chose three artists who left an impact in my heart. The first one is Mr. Rocky Gathercole who is a fashion designer. He is known for his works for hollywood stars like Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc. Next one is Mr. Fourth Barleta who is an illustrator, art director for apple advertising,and part time graffitti artist And Lastly, Ms. Tracy Santuyo who a Visual artist, web & app developer, illustrator, and also a musical/theater artist.She is working in a UK company here in the Philippines.

What makes them similar? different?

The similiarites between them is that they are all passionate on what they are doing. They are happy doing art and sharing it to other people. They all consider themselves professional artists. They’re doing their jobs internationally. Ms. Santuyo works for a UK company and her works are known internationally as well as Mr. Gathercole who works for hollywood celebrities and Mr. Barleta is working for Apple Advertising. The differences between them is their chosen fields. They are all artists in their own ways like Ms. Santuyo, she is an illustrator like Mr. Barleta but sometimes she is also a musical/theater artist. They may all have many differences but they still all share one thing in common which is art.

Roles in Society

Their role in the society is the inspire other people with their works. They have managed to make other people happy with their works. They continue to give other aspiring artists hope and not give up on what they are doing. They are also a sign of doing what you really want because even though there are many people letting you down, don’t let them ruin you and never give up because at the end of the day, you will realize that you’re happy because you love what you’re doing.

Qualities that you’d like to imitate

They all have something special and I think that is they all have a big heart. They love what they do and continues to inspire other people. I want to be like them, I want to leave an impact to other people’s heart and to inspire them with my works. I can see that they are happy on what they are doing. Their salary is just a bonus(even though it’s not enough) but I can see that they still continue doing art because they love doing it. They don’t mind the criticisms they get because they’re focused on their goal and it’s to inspire other people and making them happy.

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