A message from Tom Mulcair
Canada’s NDP

What ever you decide to do Mr.Mulcair, I am behind you 100%.I sincerely hope that you do not resign as The Leader Of The NDP or resign your seat in the NDP. (Us)NDP supporters need you to be in the house of commons to hold The Liberal Party in account. I am so proud of you for standing up for your principles.My reason for always voting NDP is that the NDP is the only party who truly cares for the lower class,middle class and MWIW (They care for all people,no matter what social status they may be), we needed pharmacare (I know a lot of people who are having a hard time affording medications as well sometime have to choose and more than they would like to admit, medications are last on lists or priorities)and you and only your party stood up against Bill C-51 ,the TPP in which is so destructive to Canada,your party stood up against it.We need you as the leader of the NDP (Sorry did not mean to add pressure) I among others believe that you would be the best P.M. Canada ever will have and maybe next election we will get our wish & Canada would finally get the P.M. and leadership Canada so desperately deserves . …………………….. NDP THE PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE NOT CORPORATIONS.