Hit the Road, Jack
Steven Levy

Fun article but more than that it’s true.

I will say that in defense of Phil Shiller’s “courage” comment that one could also read it as “courage of our convictions” vice “courage on the field of battle,” or “courage against existential threats.”

That said, I have always appreciated the fact that Apple_is_ willing to “rip off the band aid” because their vision generally points to a better future for computer users.

As regards the particular issue that seems to have set the Internet “warning ‘invasion from the future’ pyres” alight, I haver been using ugly Bluetooth in-ear buds for several years now, as i am a computer programmer and need the background tapestry of tech podcasts plus the daily dose of Rachel Maddow to keep me sane and noise cancel the incessant noise pollution outside my cubicle. The problem has always been that a Bluetooth _anything_ is an undisciplined second class citizen. If the Airpod can improve upon the experience of my craptacular Jam Transi mini-buds (sorry Jam, that I am ‘outing’ you by name), then I will be that much happier. Leo Laporte has opined on many of his podcasts that the day is fast approaching when we _all_ will be employing audio spectrum wearables for so much of our interaction with compute resources and I have no reason to refute this. Since it’s true, it’s high time that _someone_ has the (hmmm, what word is appropriate here? Ummm,…) courage (?) to create an insanely great Bluetooth audio and spoken inputs future.

Having said this, let me further state I have no person, commercial or professional interests relative to Mr. Levy (other than benefitting from his excellent reportage and commentary for many years), and the same disclaimers apply to Apple (other than benefiting from their excellent gear for even more years.) Also, not a ‘bot or a click-fiction. Just a person who knows that the future is defined by those who create it.

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