News Judgment
Jeff Jarvis

I confess that I remain perplexed at the amalgam of wild speculation and opinion masquerading as actual, fact based reportage on the internet.

Professor Jarvis has long maintained that when journalism took the leap to the internet from print and FCC-regulated (well sort of regulated — “Fox News. Fair and Balanced”) broadcast, it forgot to take its scruples, guiding principles, and just as importantly, its mechanisms (can you say, “multiple credible sources”).

In an era when we can click-farm online polls, just for the lulz or whatever perverse reason; in an era when anyone can maintain the fiction that they are legitimate news organizations (Brietbart, and again Faux News, e.g.) do we need some sort of “Good Housekeeping Seal” or “UL Tested” branding for sources of information (or more commonly these days disinformation)?

I really wish I knew the answer.

Quite as an aside, you can hear Jeff Jarvis offer sometimes scintillating but always enlightening insights into the tech and journalism worlds on “This week in Google” on the net cast network. Having said that let me also say I have no professional, commercial or personal connections to Professor Jarvis. I am a real person and not a bot or a click-fiction. I am just a concerned citizen

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