Large corporations are grappling with racism and sexism in their ads. Why are Democrats afraid to?

This just might possibly have something to do with why Democrats have lost 1000 seats over the past eight years.

Not a metaphor at all, nope. (via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
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What COULD he have done?

I am not suggesting the Ossoff needed to run as the Second Incarnation of Bernie, Architect of Single Payer, Taxer of Wealth, Slayer of Corporate Power. (Although with even conservatives starting to talk about post-Obamacare insurance company profits being out of control, you have to start to wonder if, just maybe, there’s a leeeetletinybit of room to start dragging this conversation to the left.)

Low taxes are awesome!

[Whispering] But … what about the racism?

You’re probably thinking, but, what about those Deep Seated Southern Cultural Issues (*cough*racism*coughcough*) that we’re always hearing about? You know, the ones that Trump has made so much more of a salient factor?

How does this happen, and is there anything we can do?

There are a lot of systemic pieces at play here. This is part of the problem:

It’s Not Hopeless

When I first watched these ads, I was feeling pretty depressed. Particularly the hit tying him to the black-bloc protestors — it’s downright depressing not just that they’d throw an attack like that, but that they wouldn’t get laughed out of the country for it.

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