COINTROOPS — Cheaper, Faster and Safer Way To Trade Cryptocurrencies Privately

About Cointroops

COINTROOPS is a secured Escrow service platform allowing its users to carry out transactions securely. The COINTROOPS business model is built to enable users to easily buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency without intermediaries.

COINTROOPS is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange in which all transactions occur directly between the buyer and the seller and without the participation of intermediaries. Each time a contract is made between two parties, the COINTROOPS exchange generates a multi-level password for encryption. The seller sends crypto currency from his wallet to this account, and when the crypto currency is blocked in the deposit, the buyer sends the seller to the seller. Then the seller removes the blocked crypto currency from the deposit using his payment password, and the buyer accepts it in his wallet.

Why is there a need for CTP tokens?

The CTP token is used to fuel the transaction fees involved when you do a trade. Besides that, the CTP Crowdsale will enable the platform`s rapid development and help to kick start the upcoming developments outlined in the roadmap. One of our core priorities is to solve the inconveniences and restrictions in buying and selling cryptocurrencies with fiat. We aim to make COINTROOPS the biggest global P2P Exchange, and a little help from the crypto-community will allow us to do this in the shortest possible time.

What is CTP token and what it can be used for?

CTP token plays a vital role in COINTROOPS ecosystem. Due to the ever changing government policies towards crypto space which leads to limited usage of the cryptocurrencies, COINTROOPS stepped up to be the ONLY peer-to-peer escrow exchange that offers the freedom and privacy the world needs.

CTP Token can be used to offset the transaction fee at a discounted rate, just like Binance and its BNB token.

COINTROOPS also envisioned to create a bigger value for token holders by building an ecosystem using CTP token as a medium of exchange for goods and services through integration with e-commerce platform and casino.

Start of the crowdsale

Crowdsale Stage 1 — Starting from 1st July ~ 1st Aug 2018–20% OFF
Crowdsale Stage 2 — Starting from 1st Aug ~ 1st Sept 2018–15% OFF
Crowdsale Stage 3 — Starting from 1st Sept ~ 1st Oct 2018–10% OFF

The CTP`s expected price

The CTP price is fixed at $0.20 during the time of the crowdsale. Following the sale, CTP will be listed on the COINTROOPS Exchange and popular exchanges which we will disclose in due course. The price of CTP will be determined by the demand and supply. As we want to create value to the investors, we set a limit on the token supply at 500,000,000 CTPs, and it will be maximum of 350,000,000 CTPs circulating in the market at the point of crowdsale.

How can I use CTP tokens after the crowdsale?

After the crowdsale you may utilise CTP tokens in the following ways:

  • Hold and sell at higher price;
  • trade them on the COINTROOPS Exchange;
  • convert them into other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies;
  • Use them as a substitute for transactional fees on COINTROOPS Exchange
  • Use them on the future ecosystem including crypto casino platform and e-commerce platform etc.

Based on what will the CTP value increase?

  • Growing demand for direct buy and sell of cryptocurrencies with fiat at a cheaper fee;
  • Growing number of users on the Exchange;
  • The overall Exchange development and integration of new platforms;
  • The increase of function and utilities of CTP tokens within the ecosystem;


  • Bonus 20% Stage 1

1st July 2018 (09:00 GMT/UTC) 
1st August 2018 (16:00 GMT/UTC)

  • Number of tokens for sale


  • Bonus 15% Stage 2

1st August 2018 (16:00 GMT/UTC) 
1st September 2018 (16:00 GMT/UTC)

  • Bonus 10% Stage 3

1st September 2018 (16:00 GMT/UTC) 
1st October 2018 (16:00 GMT/UTC)

  • Tokens exchange rate

1CTP = $0.20

  • Acceptable currencies


  • Minimal transaction amount

0.5 ETH / 0.05 BTC



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