Started Learning English

It is been 2 years I started learning English as a foreign language, I thought it would be better if I share my experience with beginners for who had started learning English.
 I had a win to win situation where I cant live without learning English but I proved my self by making it to a level where I can manage people who can speak English fluently.

I had a hard time, I faced many people and I was often mortified by people because of my bad sentence formations and lack of vocabulary.

I finally found my self a way to do it and it worked well for me, I knew spoken English, class room teaching, books like “Learn English in 30 days” will not help much.
I heard some where that “Learn new language like a kid” and it is so.
So I planned to become a kid while learning my first foreign language.

Being a kid, I started watching rhymes, I subscribed to “KIDS HUT” where you can watch moral stories and bunch of rhymes for kids.

Initially, I was stunned by hearing those new words like “chores”,”counter”,
I started keeping those words on my head as well as on my pocket.

Here I would rather suggest you to do.

  1. Learn some basic grammar.
  2. Install Word web dictionary.
  3. Stop googling like this.

4. Start looking at the simple synonyms for the new word.

5. Try to use new word that you hear.

6. Make your self up and confident while speaking.

7. Watch video lectures in Engvid every day.

8. Make this website as your friend.

9.If you hear to new word just hit your tabs on where you will find 1000’s of videos related to your search.

10. Always listen to people, be in the environment where people speak fluent English, try to grab those new words, watch serials,movies,listen to moral stories and recite stories to your friends.

11. Watch inspirational videos in TED where people will tell their stories.

12. Start thinking in English & don’t try to translate, try it with slang.

That is all for now, keep me posted your ideas in the response section below.