What is Karan Johar saying about himself when he speaks of Kangna?

Last week Kangna Ranaut decided to credit Karan Johar on his starring role in the Rot of Bollywood. “Flagbearer of Nepotism” being one of the more memorable bon mots she used to describe him. And then, feeling shielded by his own celebrity he decided to air Kangna ‘s comments as is, confident that it would be she who would lose in the court of public opinion.

Instead, Kangna was hailed across the media as a brave truth – teller standing up to the might of Bollywood aristocracy. He is after all, the guy who routinely refers to people from the Kapoor family as the first family of Bollywood.

So taken aback was he by how the story unfolded over the week he decided to lash out at her.

“She deserves all the National Awards but I am done with Kangana playing the woman and victim card. I am done. You cannot be this victim at every given point of time, always telling the sad story of how you were terrorized by the industry. If it’s so bad, leave it.”

Let’s look at this again.

“I am done with” : When you use that phrase it means you have been somehow pushed over the edge and are going to take steps. So what exactly is he going to do about it? What is he speaking as? As a producer/director is he not going to cast her in any of his movies from now? But he has never cast her even once, so ummm…. just go on doing what he has always done? That’s how much he was offended?

Or is he speaking as the host of a celebrity chat show? And he is offended by what someone said in an interview in which he invited her to speak her mind.

“Playing the woman card” : Really? How does one do that? Maybe he thinks speaking your mind while being a woman is what that means.

“You cannot be this victim at every given point of time, always telling the sad story of how you were terrorized by the industry” : For this to make sense he has to complete this train of thought. Like, “You cannot play the victim of an institution when you have the power to order the same institution to tell you about an allegedly illegal wire-tapping operation in your building”.

Putting semantica aside, I’ve never heard of Kangna being on an endless tirade about her misfortunes, so what is he talking about?

Karan’s admonishment reminds me of a joke I heard about a couple where the husband never opened his mouth to speak. Then one day, at a party someone chided him, “What’s the matter, why don’t you say something?” And he says, “What do I say? My wife is cheating on me.” The party goes silent and then his wife pipes up from across the room, “Shut up, you’re always talking.”

“If it’s so bad, leave it.”: And, he saves the worst for last.

What is it with self-important guardians of societies/cultures/institutions telling people if they don’t like it, leave it? Is he taking a correspondence course from the Indian Institute of Thuggery? The unabashed cheek of this buffoon to even suggest such a thing says more about his Caliphatic sense of entitlement than the comments he is so infuriated about. No, Karan, if she doesn’t like it she will stay exactly where she is and work to change it. That is what people do.