The Story of Time Share Kitty

Hello gentle readers, I am here to tell you my story. I am a petite brown tabby with a white muzzle, a distinguished man cat. My life started in southern California where I was part of a team. You see, my name was Starsky and I lived with Hutch. We were named after the TV show that ran in the mid seventies. We had a nice life with our person, an elderly lady. Hutch passed away and then my person got ill and wasn’t able to care for me or herself. She had to go into an assisted living place that didn’t allow cats. How rude! Anyway, the lady had a friend whose daughter was an animal lover and even worked at a boarding kennel, she offered to take me but I had to have a long drive as she lived in the mountains 8 hours away! Good thing I like car rides!
So off I went to live in the mountains. With a BIG dog. And two small boys. And snow. I don’t like snow. Or the cold! Where was my sunny SoCal weather? Where was my quiet home? And my person? I spent a good portion of the time in my new home under the bed. I don’t mind dogs, but those 2 rambunctious boys were too much for me. 
But then one day while I was outside I met a nice couple who lived across the way. They were very nice and let me come in their home and enjoy some peace and quiet.
This couple are called Jim and Dana. They are my new staff now. 
You see, for many months they only came to the mountains on the weekends. I knew they would be coming and I would wait on their porch for them to get there. Hurry up, I would meow! We would have lots of fun on the weekends and then Sunday afternoons they would take me back to the house with the noisy kids where I would wait until the next Friday for them to come. Sometimes I would be so excited for them to come that I would leave them little tokens of my appreciation on the porch! So that is how I got the name Time Share Kitty. Or T.S.K. for short. Although some people call me tsk. Like tsk tsk….. like I would ever do anything that would warrant someone saying tsk tsk to ME! Ha! 
Where was I…. oh yes. So one wondrous day Jim and Dana moved to the mountains full time! And the boys mother said I could live there with them! Not only on the weekends but during the week too. Like every day! I was so happy! 
It’s been so great having Jim and Dana as my forever staff. They take me places in the motor home they bought just for me. I’m an excellent traveller and will even walk on a leash and harness (as long as you walk where I want to go).
 One day they sat me down and told me that we were going to be moving to Oregon, that they would find me the best house to live in. I was cool with that. So we packed up all my beds and blankies and off we went in my motorhome. They did find the best house for me, but sadly we had to wait for it to be ready for us to move into. We lived in my motorhome for three whole months! It wasn’t bad at first since it was nice weather and I got to go outside and hang out in my KritterKondo. But then it started getting cold. There is heat in my motorhome but I like things toasty so I had them build me a little tent over the heater vent. My staff are awesome. The day came to when we got to move into my new house! I was so happy! I ran from room to room, tail held high, checking everything out. There are stairs to play on and lots of windows for Cat TV and sun puddles. Ahhhhh, this is the life!
And then a couple years ago they came home with a dog! I could tell that this was a very special dog, I give her a nose tap when we first met to let her know that I would be her big brother and help her settle in. And now we are great pals.
So I suppose I will need to change what TSK stands for. How about The Sweetest Kitty? Or maybe The Smartest Kitty? I’ll have to think on that some more….