We Can’t Go Back
George Takei

I don’t know you George, I mean I know your work and your public persona, but not the real George Takei. I suspect that you might never have been in the Military. If you had been you would know that the life of millions of men, and I don’t believe any women, have had a similar knock on the door. They were marched to waiting trains and into places that were very similar to the ones where you and your family was interred. They ate the same food, had the same fences and lines to eat and lines for the latrines. They were forced to learn to fight for their lives and loaded like cattle aboard trains and ships and sent to fight to the death, all against their will. Many more of them died during the war than Japanese Americans were interred. Once they left the ships and hit the beaches they lived in far worse conditions if they lived at all. The same laws that allowed them to be drafted then will allow them to be drafted again should the need arise. It was a tough time then, and it required tough measures. We didn’t ask for or deserve an attack by the Japanese then and we don’t deserve the attacks being thrown at us now by Muslim inspired soldiers. But I promise you something George, if you are listening, if the attacks become much worse than they are now we can easily go back to the bad old days. My grandkids and greatgrandkids can be drafted and live in fox holes in muddy swamps and kill and be killed. Muslim clerics promoting war against us need to know that we can and damned well might have to go back to the bad old days of believing the worst about our Muslim neighbors and put them into the camps FEMA has been building for the last decade. Pay attention George, we can indeed go back to the bad old days. We may not have a choice. An even harsher truth is that just like the Japanese of the mid 1900’s the Muslims of the 2000’s might well be better off in those camps. The same walls that kept you in, also kept the people who would have harmed you out. It is also worthy of note that the political party that interred your family was the Democrat Party. The one that set you free was Republican.