Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about my abortion
Bridget Todd

You may not have been ready to be a mother, but you are one, but instead of a live child, you had a dead child. You didn’t feel unsafe or even hurt very much, but nobody thought about the safety of your child. Nobody cared about the hurt and pain it felt while your hired killers killed it for you. You may have been inconvenienced by having your baby arrive alive, but instead you chose to have a dead baby arrive and be turned into pieces and parts and sold like a lamb chop. You did not have an abortion, you had a pre-meditated paid for killing of your child. Now you write about it, just another cavalier moment in your life, that your mother allowed you to continue. I feel sick inside just imagining the magnitude of the shame anybody of conscience would feel after killing their child. I felt a tiny portion of that pain when I had my 12 year old ailing golden retriever killed, we called it Euthanasia but that was another convenient word to cover up what I had done. I killed my dog. You killed your child. Our society has made it safe and convenient for mothers like you to kill their children. Very few adult women die during an abortion. I have never heard of a fetal child, male or female who lived through an abortion. 100 percent of successful abortions end in fatality for the children of the mothers who chose this form of childbirth. Perhaps it is time to figure out how to make abortion safe for the children of outstanding, proud mothers like you. But I figure you would oppose that as well. Thus ends my rant of the day.