Image: YouTube Screenshot. Dave Rubin chats with Canadian conservative Gad Saad

When did online atheism get into bed with the neo-nazi movement?

It’s astonishing to watch the evolution of the atheist community online, mainly Twitter, move from liberal to alt-right conservatism.

So much so, I have struggled to find the words to express how disgusting it has become.

How it has gone past criticizing religion and has almost fully embraced the alt-right and neo-Nazi ideologies of politicians as long as they hold anti-Muslim views?

How prominent atheists are telling American rape victims they have “privilege” because at least they are not being forced to marry their rapist?

Yet, I’m tired about writing about these racist fools. They will just demand evidence that Hitler was a racist, dogpile detractors on Twitter and then beg for Patreon donations.

That’s what the online atheist community is now. It’s a neo-nazi cesspool of money hungry bigots with mediocre podcasts, half-assed blogs, and a Twitter following they think makes them famous.

Faux-skeptics like the accused rapist Michael Shermer are out there blaming people of color for racism because they dare identify as a color that isn’t white, and these moronic right-wing atheists (all who claim to be the real liberals), will defend him to the grave.

This is because these atheists are more religious than the religions they fight against. Dawkins, Harris, Rubin, Maher, and Shermer are untouchable gods. Infallible.

It’s pathetic and it’s destroyed what atheism should be.

My friends are running a campaign to #NormalizeAtheism and it’s a valiant effort and I fear it’s doomed to fail unless they can normalize non-racist voices quicker than these assholes are rising.

I love being openly atheist. In a world in which the religious right believes they control society, I believe it’s important to be open in the face of this. If we cower, they continue to gain power.

At the same time, as I see atheists follow a path towards right wing lunacy (online at least), makes me understand those who refuse to use the label openly. It’s being destroyed by the likes of Sam Harris, Dave Rubin, and their cronies who will defend them at all costs.

These are the same people who continue to deny that Richard Spencer is a Nazi and argue against any attempt to silence his spread of a genocidal ideology.

Who would want to be associated with that mess?

This is a major reason I left the atheist/nonreligious channel at Patheos and broke out on my own.

Today, as much as I feel atheism is important and I still believe in the mission of David Silverman of American Atheists to promote the use of the word, I have found I need to distance myself and focus on politics, regardless of religion that helps improve the lives and wellbeing of others.

I didn’t lose my mind, as many of these nazi apologist want to claim, I instead was pushed to be more vocal as they continued to amplify voices that promote racism, hate, and bigotry.

I didn’t move away from movement atheism, movement atheism moved away from me.